,Where, When
Terrence Rothwell, South Africa- 2015/05/07 Great place to stay
Dave Muller, South Africa- 2015/04/23 Excellent Value
Glenn & Jennifer Quig, Australia- 2015/01/27 Home away from home!
Don Roos, South Africa- 2014/09/16 Friendly reception
Srabanti Khemka, South Africa- 2014/08/27 Amazing stay
Joan van der Walt, South Africa- 2014/04/18 Good and clear
Paul van Dam, South Africa- 2013/10/16 Excellent
Kerry Brown, South Africa- 2013/09/30 Comfortable
Andy Roberts, South Africa- 2013/07/09 Very homely
Karl Laepple, South Africa- 2013/05/31 A great stay
Monzelle de Villiers, South Africa- 2013/01/08 Very friendly
Andrew Richardson, Saudi Arabia- 2012/08/12 Family
peter dawe, South Africa- 2012/07/11 Great stopover
Henk ten Hoorn Boer, South Africa- 2012/03/06 Thank you
Marlize Liebenberg, South Africa- 2011/08/24 Very nice
Norma Gazzard, South Africa- 2011/05/26 Very good, highly recommended
Francis Barriskell, South Africa- 2011/03/02 A wonderful visit
Dzivhani Mashudu, South Africa- 2011/02/17 Nice
Sean O’Neachtain, South Africa- 2011/02/04 Brilliant
Andrew Richardson, Saudi Arabia- 2010/08/25 Home away from home
Anonymous, South Africa- 2010/07/13 Enjoyable stay
Brad Ramella, South Africa- 2010/06/30 Wonderful hospitality!
Pieter Heydenrych, South Africa- 2010/05/31 Great Hospitality
M Piriane, Lesotho- 2010/05/14 Wonderful
Angelo Chiodi, South Africa- 2010/05/02 rooms were fantastic
John James, South Africa- 2010/04/06 Comfortable
stella Opperman, South Africa- 2010/01/01 home from home
Wilna Wilcocks, South Africa- 2009/12/29 What a wonderful experience!
Anonymous, South Africa- 2009/11/30 Very pleasant stay
Linda Van Eyk, South Africa- 2009/10/26 What an awesome visit
stephen Geise, South Africa- 2009/10/06 Very Nice!
Louis Fourie, South Africa- 2009/09/05 Most enjoyable stay.
Marijke van der Vlist, Netherlands- 2009/08/20 A Good and friendly stay!
Ken Swettenham, South Africa- 2009/07/19 “home away from home”
Brian Williams, South Africa- 2009/07/17 Overnight stay at Connie’s B&B
Mosidi Seleke, South Africa- 2009/06/29 What a pleasure
Jonathan Chama, South Africa- 2009/06/08 Recommended
Lorraine Greeff, South Africa- 2009/05/16 It was very pleasant.
Daniel Vd Westhuizen, South Africa- 2009/05/16 I enjoyed the stay.
Heather Wilson, South Africa- 2009/03/29 Enjoyable stay
Liell thomas, South Africa- 2009/02/25 Top Marks
Anonymous, South Africa- 2009/01/29 Mixed feelings
Robbie Novella, South Africa- 2009/01/12 Wow- Connie go girl!!!!
Gert Roos, South Africa- 2009/01/06 Very pleasant
sechbaba sefoloko, South Africa- 2008/05/30 Excellent
Linda van Heerden, South Africa- 2008/05/19 Superb!!!
Andro Cronje, South Africa- 2007/11/12 Uitstekend
Alan Holmwood, South Africa- 2007/10/01 A pleasure to stay.
Lehana Setsabi, Lesotho- 2007/09/10 Very pleasant stay
Helen Lichtenberg, South Africa- 2007/08/14 Awesome stay!!
JH Venter, South Africa- 2007/08/13 Vriendelik
Anonymous- 2007/07/22 Oorweldigende vriendelikheid!
Jack Crook, South Africa- 2007/06/30 Excellent
Rod Hulley, South Africa- 2007/05/09 Great Stay
Mark Taylor, South Africa- 2007/04/27 My Lovely Evening at Connie’s B&B
gary allison, South Africa- 2007/03/12 Very enjoyable stay.
Ramini Naidoo, South Africa- 2007/03/05 Great!
Chris Carver-Brown, South Africa- 2006/12/20 Comfortable
Sven-Erik Leffler, Trelleborg, SWEDEN- 2006/11/26 A pearl in Blomfontein
Paula Senekal, South Africa- 2006/10/04 Wonderful!
A Wienecke, Namibia- 2006/08/02 Great stay at Connie’s

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